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CSS Best Practices

Wednesday 19 November, 2003 (11:00AM GMT)

Dave Shea has opened a discussion about CSS best practice techniques on Mezzoblue.

He's looking for simple single-sentence rules and brief explanations that will make up a CSS guideline resource. There are already a large number of comments that bring up a lot of interesting and helpful points.

UPDATE (11PM): Mr. Shea has pulled on the reins to bring a bit of focus on the idea and has put together an updated version of the list.


Comment 1

I had come upon a site that had a lot of CS guidlines - but I can't remember it right now - as soon as I can I will post it here - it was something of either or something like that.

So said Slot Buddy on Friday 9 January, 2004 at 10:27AM GMT.

Comment 2

Where can CSS guideline resource find ,Give any advice

So said seo tools on Tuesday 6 July, 2004 at 2:48AM GMT.

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