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Speaking at PaWS

Monday 2 February, 2004 (10:54AM GMT)

PaWS - PHP and Web Standards, UK 2004I will be speaking at the PHP and Web Standards conference near Manchester in the UK at the end of the month.

The two talks will be on the subjects of 'Take HTML Seriously!' which I have ranted about before and a general explanation of the Web Standards philosophy of separating Structure (HTML) and Presentation (CSS).

The timetable and details of sessions has been released, showing Web Standards clearly playing Robin to PHP's Batman, with 35 PHP related sessions to just 10 sessions directly related to Web Standards. Clearly, this is more of a PHP-focussed conference, but I think that Web Standards should be very relevant to PHP coders and hopefully the Standards talks will be of just as much interest to the audience as the specific PHP talks.

I've never spoken at a conference before and I anticipate nervousness to kick in as the event draws nearer, but I'm confident about what I'm talking about and I'm looking forward to it. Obviously, I'm a strong advocate of Web Standards, but I'm also a big fan of PHP (I've used it for HTML Dog, amongst other sites) and I'm hoping that the conference will beneficial to me just as I hope my contribution will be beneficial to others.

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