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New Site Search

Wednesday 4 February, 2004 ( 3:17PM GMT)

A site-search has been added to the HTML Dog website opening up a whole new navigational universe for you crazy adventurous web design people to enjoy.

Thanks to Atomz, you can now search for content across the Guides, Reference and Dog Blog sections as well as every other page in the site (there's about 150 of them at the moment I think).

It comes ahead of a complete site redesign that I have been working on. While fiddling about with the search feature I figured I might just as well add it in now. So here it is. Ka-blam.


Comment 1

Nice design desicion (almost makes up for using XHTML).
In fact, I am writing an article chronicling the bad design choices I made on my San Francisco History Website. It provides "glaring examples of what NOT to do with design". Check it out.
Does the search engine cost money?

So said Dante Evans on Monday 9 February, 2004 at 9:33PM GMT.

Comment 2

Oops forgot the link

So said Dante Evans on Wednesday 11 February, 2004 at 12:53AM GMT.

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