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New Zen Garden Trio

Tuesday 9 March, 2004 ( 2:19PM GMT)

The infamous CSS Zen Garden needs no promotion, but I felt compelled to mention the latest batch of designs.

Sometimes the designs are a little hit and miss (the hits being some of the best designs I have ever seen), especially on a technical level, but Oceans Apart, Start Listening and Springtime are all original, striking and so different from each other that in themselves alone they demonstrate what the Zen Garden and Web Standards are all about - separating a structure, which is the same across all of the designs, and presentation, which can be so radically different.


Comment 1

I tend to limit my trips to the Zen Garden because the work there is not just amazing but at times overwhelming and intimidating. Still the designs you have highlighted are pretty special

So said dez on Tuesday 9 March, 2004 at 2:45PM GMT.

Comment 2

They are as they always are, very beutiful :-)

So said lordhead on Tuesday 9 March, 2004 at 2:50PM GMT.

Comment 3

Zen Garden has interesting and inspirational ideas. Why the strong preference for fixed width? Why cannot the designers be more flexible?

So said Observer on Wednesday 10 March, 2004 at 2:18PM GMT.

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