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WE04 Sydney

Thursday 6 May, 2004 ( 4:35PM GMT)

The Australian web standards brigade (it's kind of like the X-Men comics - different super powered teams in different countries) have put together what looks to be an extremely worthwhile conference - Web Essentials 2004 in Sydney on September 30/October 1.

Web standard HTML, CSS and accessibility are the key topics up for discussion with speakers including Dave Shea, Doug Bowman and Joe Clark, not to mention a whole bunch of Aussies, including Russ Weakley and John Allsopp.

It's a damned shame it's on the other side of the planet (time for a rather expensive holiday maybe??). It looks great.

I've been thinking that it's about time there was an event like this in the UK. Who's up for it? I figure London or Birmingham, maybe Manchester would be good places. All that's needed is a big wad of cash and a great deal of spare time. Plenty of people have got that, right?


Comment 1

Doug is speaking at a place in Sonoma, California (which is about an hour away from depending on the Golden Gate Bridge Traffic). Too bad I can't drive yet :)

If you have a conference in London, I might make it. I'll be in London for about two hours on June 15th (between a flight from San Francisco to London and from London to Belfast).

What we need is WWWSC (World Wide Web Standards Conference), where we have local conferences in different parts of the world (San Francsico, London, Paris, Sydney, Vancouver etc) as a unified whole. Hell, even I think that standards are great (the W3C model now makes sense in a way...but still silly in another).

So said Dante on Sunday 9 May, 2004 at 7:34AM GMT.

Comment 2

I would definitely be interested in a UK conference. Preferably in Birmingham as I'm only a 20min train ride away. Unfortunately I have no cash, or spare time... Well, maybe I have some spare time but definitely no cash!

So said silenus on Monday 10 May, 2004 at 4:35PM GMT.

Comment 3

I need a UK conference, as foriegn travel is out of the question at my present job. Would have to be a very big one to make it worth going to.

A small amount of research reveals that WWW2006 will be in Edinburgh which will be good, see for details. In my old job I managed to wangle a trip to WWW2002 which was extremely good.

So said Northern Rob on Tuesday 11 May, 2004 at 12:54PM GMT.

Comment 4

Yes it has many people, I recommend of Manchester

So said andry on Sunday 25 July, 2004 at 8:43AM GMT.

Comment 5

(I realise that this thread is rather old but...)

I am on the organising committee of the WWW2006 conference in Edinburgh. All the organisers are particularly interested in making the conference relevant to Web content developers, so we would be grateful for some feedback! What sort of sessions would be of interest to you? What kind of speakers? What kind of issues are currently hot - and what kidns of things look like getting hot by May 2006?

(The conference series tries to cultivate a mixture of activities representing what Tim Berners-Lee thinks of as "the whole web lifecycle" - research, development, W3C standards and practitioners. We think that developers and practitioners have not been particularly well catered for in recent years, so we're keen to redress the balance.)

So said Les Carr on Sunday 12 December, 2004 at 3:06PM GMT.

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