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Design Elastique

Wednesday 16 June, 2004 ( 3:15PM GMT)

Sometimes referral logs throw up some interesting surprises.

"Hmm... what's this page... hold on a minute... this looks familiar... the Elastic Design article... translated into French!"

I don't know how good the translation is (my French stretches to "Je suis vegetarien", "combien?", "deux bieres s'il vous plait", and "Je ne parle pas francais" - and I even needed some help with that spelling), but I think this is really cool.

With another bit of help, I was amused to learn that "Traduit par Sylvain Lelievre avec autorisation de l'auteur" translates into "Translated by Sylvain Lelievre with authorization of the author". Really? I'm either losing my mind or I must have been completely blotto. Either way, I'm not fussed - nice one Sylvain.

The more people that get to read these things, the better. Anyone interested in doing a German or Spanish or Dutch or Swahili or Esperanto version?


Comment 1 states that ALA articles can generally be translated freely with permission - if he misread the statement like I did the first time, he might have read it as meaning that you just translate then stick a link up.

So said Andrew on Wednesday 16 June, 2004 at 5:08PM GMT.

Comment 2

French traduction is very goob, be sure ;)

You speak french very well, especially : "deux bieres s'il vous plait" *grin*

So said Jérôme Verzier on Thursday 17 June, 2004 at 1:42PM GMT.

Comment 3

French translation should be good -- I don't check them myself very often, but we have a great team which is comitted to churning out monthly quality translations of valuable articles :-)

So said Steph on Saturday 19 June, 2004 at 7:12AM GMT.

Comment 4

From a first glance, the translation seems to be very good. It's always nice to find out that someone finds your work useful enough to translate it.

(PS. Your RSS feed gives a language of en-uk - this should be en-gb)

So said Mark Harmstone on Saturday 19 June, 2004 at 6:21PM GMT.

Comment 5

If there's a clamor to do so, I'm willing to translate it into Dutch. I'm not that bad a person, you know. ;)

BTW, I'm Dutch, which makes it less complicated.

So said Rob Mientjes on Monday 28 June, 2004 at 5:40PM GMT.

Comment 6

I could translate into pig latin if you wish...

So said the_pope on Thursday 15 July, 2004 at 10:26PM GMT.

Comment 7

The name of the site is called "pompage" which is a French slang word that mean "to take something from someone" and the title of the website say exactly that :

They do the web we translate it.

I hardly can comment on the translation of the article, i found technical article very had to read in non-English language (even if French is my mother tongue one)

So said Chmouel on Tuesday 20 July, 2004 at 1:02PM GMT.

Comment 8

That's a good translation.
Those guys are doing a good job to bring the Web Standards-CSS word in french.
But even if I'm french myself, it feels really weird to read this technical article in my mother tongue. I'm so used to english technical web words... that's sound funny.

So said Jérôme on Wednesday 21 July, 2004 at 6:35AM GMT.

Comment 9

i have a wbsite that needs translating from english into dutch any interest or to quote me, please e-mail me:

So said jason key on Tuesday 27 July, 2004 at 12:25PM GMT.

Comment 10

Wouldn't it be much better (and easier) using something like Cocoon for Internalization and Localization of your documents? Granted it wouldn't be perfect... but still.

So said Joon on Thursday 2 September, 2004 at 7:18PM GMT.

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