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No Book Just Yet

Wednesday 16 March, 2005 ( 1:52PM GMT)

I've found it marginally amusing to see how the publication date of my book, "XHTML & CSS: A Web Standards Approach," is shown as different on different Amazon sites and is frequently changing. March this year was a common one for a while. now says December 2006! Just to set it straight (or not, really), the book won't be published this month - it's still being worked on. It had better be out a bit before 2006 (and especially December 2006) though! In reality, there's no fixed date.


Comment 1

bollocks. i guess your online guides will have to do for now. is the delay because new riders are being shtoopid?

So said grover on Monday 28 March, 2005 at 4:25AM GMT.

Comment 2

bumquack, still no book.

So said elmo on Tuesday 12 April, 2005 at 11:17PM GMT.

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