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Friday 25 March, 2005 ( 1:30PM GMT)

Used the dropdowns? Why not try the nipple suction toys?


Comment 1

If you're going to post a link to an inappropriate (for some) site, you should at least say so... many people (myself included) are reading this from work.

So said Jay Jones on Friday 25 March, 2005 at 3:25PM GMT.

Comment 2

I thought the Suckerfish Dropdowns article was relatively inoffensive...

So said Patrick on Friday 25 March, 2005 at 3:35PM GMT.

Comment 3

Jay, you don't have to click on the link that says "nipple suction toys", right?

So said Andy Hume on Friday 25 March, 2005 at 3:39PM GMT.

Comment 4

Andy: I guess I dont have to click on the link and I'm glad for the comments or I would have clicked on the link because up till this time I trusted this HTML Dog Blog. This type of entry takes my trust level of this site down a bunch of noches. I have sent youths to this site so that they could learn html and css. Now I'm having to re-think that policy. Very, very sad.

So said Tanny O'Haley on Friday 25 March, 2005 at 3:46PM GMT.

Comment 5

Oh fer Christ's sake...

So said Patrick on Friday 25 March, 2005 at 3:51PM GMT.

Comment 6

I read the comments and clicked on the link anyway. They seem to be very reasonably priced - not offensive at all.

It's your blog Patrick. You may link to whatever the hell you want.

So said WillB on Friday 25 March, 2005 at 4:13PM GMT.

Comment 7

Come on... That link is tame in comparison to ideas an concepts that are presented on prime time television on a nightly basis. I was a light hearted joke.

I'm pretty sure the www has provided many a youngster means to more explicit information/ideas/imagery with, or without, trying.

So said Juicebomb on Friday 25 March, 2005 at 4:27PM GMT.

Comment 8

"Oh fer Christ's sake..."

My thoughts exactly.

Maybe instead of Smart Links, the Google toolbar should append those little TV rating images to *every goddamn link* on the internet (sorry for increasing this page's rating to TV-14 with that one, but I'm sure it was already TV-MA due to that incredibly offensive link).

And yes, I'm being sarcastic. I wasn't aware that Patrick was maintaining both great web standards tutorials and a babysitting website. Very, very sad.

So said Chris Vincent on Friday 25 March, 2005 at 6:11PM GMT.

Comment 9

LOL! Not such much an f-bomb as an n-bomb -- now where did I put my credit card??

So said John Oxton on Friday 25 March, 2005 at 7:59PM GMT.

Comment 10

Patrick, I run a sweatshop of underage web designers, all of which have an unhealthy interest in their own nipples. I regularly send them to you site to steal bits of code and 'HTML talk' to impress clients, but now I am going to have to seriously re-think that policy. Very sad.

So said Jon Hicks on Friday 25 March, 2005 at 10:14PM GMT.

Comment 11

Dear Patrick,

I'm having trouble getting my Suckerfish to stick. Is this a problem with my CSS, my script or should I just towel down properly before sticking them on?

So said Dan on Saturday 26 March, 2005 at 6:31AM GMT.

Comment 12

Suckerfish doesn't work with relative positioning! I tried absolute positioning but being a bit pissed I had to settle for relative... huge hicky (not jon) on my belly now! Thanks for nothing Patrick. How the hell do I explain this to she who must be obeyed?!

So said Martin on Saturday 26 March, 2005 at 10:01PM GMT.

Comment 13

Don't ever subject me to suckerfish dropdowns again!!

more of this.

So said SteveC on Sunday 27 March, 2005 at 12:41PM GMT.

Comment 14

Patrick, I'm offended that you tipped me off to potentially offensive content with the label "nipple suction toys." I would rather you just use a simple "click here" and let me take my chances. Of course, I needed something to be offended about today, so thanks.

Dan, I always use my wife's emory board to roughen up whatever surface I intend to apply Suckerfish. The "grit" declaration in your CSS selectors will allow you to control the level of roughness.

Martin: hickey {color: transparent;} will fix you up.

So said Jim Cook on Monday 28 March, 2005 at 4:50PM GMT.

Comment 15

Well, I didn't follow the link in question, but did have a good laugh.

Great site, mate. Only wish your book was published because I had to settle for a lesser one =(

So said Jason Moses on Tuesday 29 March, 2005 at 3:49AM GMT.

Comment 16

hee hee - b00bies!

Big up your bad self, Patrick

So said Neil on Monday 4 April, 2005 at 5:50PM GMT.

Comment 17

Excellent drop-down solution. I'm no javascript expert, so I have a question. Is there an easy way to get these drop-downs to work with OnClick instead of onMouseover and onMouseout? I have put a search form in one of the lists and as as soon as my mouse moves off, I lose the content of the list and therefore the ability to enter the search criteria in the form. Thanks.

So said jewels on Tuesday 12 April, 2005 at 8:25PM GMT.

Comment 18

"Oh fer Christ's sake..."

Geez, Patrick, thanks for the depth reaction. Not.

This turns me off completely to using what I was just thinking is a stellar resource . . .but then, we've already seen how much that feedback matters. Yeah, have a good laugh on me. A freebie. Cuz I am going elsewhere. There's no reason in the world to run into gratuitous crap like this. It stings. And oh how amusing to not acknowledge that.

So said zo on Saturday 16 April, 2005 at 8:59AM GMT.

Comment 19

It was a genuine, honest response to a comment that I thought was over-the-top. It was't a personal attack or a laugh at anyone. Not gratuitous. In my opinion, quite justified.

I *am* sorry you don't like it, but hey, this is me and my sense of humour and that's something I'm not apologising for.

So said Patrick on Monday 18 April, 2005 at 10:32AM GMT.

Comment 20

Wonder if those Suckerfish nipple suction toys validate... ;-)

So said Jeff on Wednesday 20 April, 2005 at 9:36PM GMT.

Comment 21

Haha christ HTML Dog is still a stellar resource even if it's not as serious as the Financial Times.

Which brings me to Suckerfish Dropdowns... They're brilliant, thanks so much - saved me pages of Javascript with a standards based interoperable solution and all that Jazz; I was just wandering if it's possible to vary the width on the second level lists (li ul)? "width: auto" just doesn't seem to work, maybe I'm just not using my head, but I've made a good attempt at trying to get it right and miserably failed.

Cheers in advance, anyone with a noggin... (PS are questions answered here or should i be commenting on the blog topic? Have i made a faux-pas, oh golly i do hope not).

So said Fen on Monday 25 April, 2005 at 9:29AM GMT.

Comment 22

Would you apologize if it were . . racist? . . I don't know you (I still think your site is outstanding) but choose something you do feel tenderly about. Something vulnerable. Are you . .Irish? Were you born is some way inherently dignified that makes you sad or angry or hurt to see the world, um, trash? How about your mum? Feel protective of her?

Look, I know there's an equivalent, in life, where all you guys see the point, so that to be blind as the whys are wherefore of the nipple shot is simply revealing . . of pretend-blindness.

It just isn't funny. Yeah, it's a way guys posture for other guys - but it's positively painful, for some of your readers, in ways you ought, by now, to have a clue. Put up a link of your own damn gender's nipple.

I suppose that's the issue: women are not objects. Nor are their body parts. I know, I know, this is so utterly pervasive that to protest is utterly unexpected, utterly uncool. I really don't care. It's wrong and you know it. If you wouldn't want your wife, your daughter, your mother at the other end of that link, then don't do it with any woman's picture.

So said zo on Thursday 28 April, 2005 at 7:45AM GMT.

Comment 23

oh, fer christ sake, number 2.....

first of all, the nipple shot is 2 clicks away, and if you look at it that way, 2 klicks is all that separates you from, say, google entry "sex pictures"...... or anything like that....

second of all, hate to be the voice of kink here, but both me and my g/f were totally awed by the link, me being a total geek, and her being a fetish freak :)
so, zo, to answer your question, not only that I not wouldn't like to see my g/f on that picture, but she'd probably like that as well....... not sure about my mom, though, don't know what her preferences are........ :P

and, third, and damnit, the most important part.......

So said tom on Thursday 28 April, 2005 at 10:22AM GMT.

Comment 24

Zo, I don't accept it's wrong, I don't accept it's not funny (and the comments here are testament to that), it's not tantamount to racism and I don't even accept it's sexist. This is not hardcore abusive porn we're talking about here.

Frankly, I don't actually care about nipple suction toys, I was just amused that such a kinky device coincidentally has the same name as a CSS/JavaScript technique that I helped develop.

So said Patrick on Thursday 28 April, 2005 at 1:15PM GMT.

Comment 25

I'm completely in awe of just how blown out of proportion this entire Suckerfish thing has gotten (the nipple suction, not your fantastic CSS techniques : ). Patrick you certainly have no reason to apologize. You've got a good sense of humor and its a damn shame that certain people want to come on *your* blog and tell you how to run it. I do, however, worry for Zo's health. If she's that offended by your Suckerfish link, I can just imagine how tawdry and used a mammogram must make her feel.

We've all got nipples, so you might as well get used to them!

So said Brian Reich on Sunday 1 May, 2005 at 4:30PM GMT.

Comment 26

In my opine, if you're going to click on an intraweb link that says "nipple suction toys", you'd better bloody expect nipple suction toys, or you're frankly quite silly.

Zo - whilst attaining either a decent level of humor or even acceptance of the world in which we live, please learn how to construct a sentence correctly.

So said Bill Franklin on Tuesday 3 May, 2005 at 2:16PM GMT.

Comment 27

Thanks for the tip! My midwife recommended rubbing with a coarse towel to get ready for breastfeeding, but this looks way more effective!
zo, just relax, we're all mammals. Have a laugh and use your energy to work for positive change.

So said Vicki on Friday 6 May, 2005 at 8:00PM GMT.

Comment 28

"...many people (myself included) are reading this from work."

So you speak for the many. Seems you had this page open long enough to read it and type out a comment, kinda risky.

As for the Suckerfish, position:fixed only seems to work in Nipscape.

So said Tagsin on Wednesday 11 May, 2005 at 11:05PM GMT.

Comment 29

hate to be the voice of kink here, but both me and my g/f were totally awed by the link, me being a total geek, and her being a fetish freak :)
so, zo, to answer your question, not only that I not wouldn't like to see my g/f on that picture, but she'd probably like that as well....... not sure about my mom, though, don't know what her preferences are

So said John on Friday 6 January, 2006 at 2:11PM GMT.

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