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25 Places Left

Thursday 5 May, 2005 (11:58AM GMT)

There are just 25 places left for @media 2005. To add a little bit of perspective, more than 25 places were taken in the last week alone, so if you've still not registered, and you intend to, now's the time to do it!

Conferences are good. They're great. Lovely. Wonderful. You learn loads of interesting stuff, you meet lots of cool people and you generally can't fail to have a good time. If you wish you could make it to @media 2005 but your boss won't let you go because you live, say, somewhere near Australia, either have a tantrum and threaten to quit, or try out Web Essentials '05. I've got a lot of respect for the guys (and gals) behind this, and they've put together a fantastic programme for their second year.

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