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HTML Tag: del

Editorial deletion.

Often used in conjunction with ins.

Optional Attributes

Attribute Description Possible values
cite A link to an explanation for the deletion. URL.
datetime The date and (optionally) time that the deletion was made.
  • Year, eg. 2015 (must be a four-digit number that is 1 or above)
  • Month, eg. 2015-5 (year-month)
  • Date, eg. 2015-5-19 (year-month-day) or 12-25 (month-day)
  • Date and time, eg. 2015-5-19 22:18 or 2015-5-19 22:18Z (UTC) or 2015-5-19 17:18+5:00 (time offset plus five hours)
  • Week, eg. 2015-W21 (year-week)
Global attributes


<p>It really was <del cite="onsecondthoughts.html" datetime="2003-10-25">very</del> good.</p>

<del cite="onsecondthoughts.html" datetime="2003-10-25">
    <h2>This was, like, WOW, dude. Really.</h2>
    <p>I feel compelled to go into more detail on just how wow this was.</p>
    <!-- rambling long paragraphs -->